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Evan Kidera: Señor Sisig

April 22, 2020 Evan Kidera, co-founder and CEO of Señor Sisig Season 1 Episode 4
On the Fly by tablehopper
Evan Kidera: Señor Sisig
Show Notes

Today’s episode is with Evan Kidera, the co-founder and CEO of Señor Sisig, a beloved food business that got its start in 2010 as a food truck during the beginnings of the SF street food scene. Popular for their Filipino street style dishes, like their groundbreaking sisig burritos, the business has expanded to six food trucks, and they just opened their first brick and mortar location in the Mission at the end of 2019. But with the disappearance of their downtown lunch crowd during the stay-at-home order, Kidera tells us how a couple of the trucks are moving on to other locations around the Bay.

In honor of their tenth year of business, they launched #Sisig4ThePeople, an initiative with the goal of raising $100,000 to help fund the preparation and delivery of meals to the community. 

They’re also part of another inspiring initiative, Filipinos Feed the Frontlines, joining their fellow Filipino restaurants to provide meals to healthcare workers and food-insecure communities while trying to stay open. Thanks for listening, please read the episode notes for links to these initiatives, where you can track down their sisig nachos, and more.

Señor Sisig: www.senorsisig.com 

#sisig4thepeople: www.senorsisig.com/sisig4thepeople

The City Eats: www.thecityeats.org 

Filipinos Feed the Frontlines: www.kultivatelabs.com/frontlines

@senorsisig: www.instagram.com/senorsisig 

Señor Sisig truck locations:

3001 Junipero Serra Blvd., Daly City

3333 Fruitvale Ave., Oakland

An up-to-date schedule can be found here: https://www.senorsisig.com/find-us. Guests who want to avoid waiting in line can order in advance from order.senorsisig.com or opt for delivery (available via Caviar, Doordash, and UberEats). 


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@kahnfections: www.instagram.com/kahnfections 

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