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Fernay McPherson: Minnie Bell’s Soul Movement

July 24, 2020 Fernay McPherson, chef-owner Minnie Bell’s Season 1 Episode 16
On the Fly by tablehopper
Fernay McPherson: Minnie Bell’s Soul Movement
Show Notes

This episode of On the Fly is with chef Fernay McPherson, the award-winning, entrepreneurial force behind Minnie Bell’s Soul Movement, a fried chicken joint known as much for its trademark rosemary fried chicken as its next-level sides. While Minnie Bell’s is located in the Emeryville Public Market, its roots run deep in San Francisco’s Fillmore District, where Fernay is a third-generation Fillmore native. This episode runs a touch longer than our other conversations, so I hope you can take a little time to downshift and listen to Fernay’s journey as she’s been steadfastly building her business over the past twelve years. 

Her story is one of great resilience, resolve, and belief in herself. In this episode, you’ll hear the many adjustments, challenges, and learnings she’s had along the way, from the experience of being a La Cocina entrepreneur, to running a mobile trailer while driving for MUNI and being a mother, to building her catering business, to running pop-ups, which is all fodder for an upcoming project to help others who are following their food dreams on a similar path to hers. 

Fernay also shares what it feels like as a Black female business owner during the Black Lives Matter movement, and having to regulate her space so she can tell her story on her terms, and on her chosen platforms, at a time that feels right for her. 

Make time to head over to Minnie Bell’s for a delicious and truly soulful meal, and if you can, please order the Pay it Forward Community Meal as well so she can continue to feed those in need in her beloved Fillmore community. 

Minnie Bell’s Soul Movement: www.minniebellssoul.com

Emeryville Public Market

5959 Shellmound St., Emeryville

GoFundMe for Minnie Bell’s employees: www.gofundme.com/f/minniebells 

Read her recent piece for Food & Wine that we refer to in the interview here: www.foodandwine.com/news/oakland-chef-stands-with-protestors-violence-against-property-is-nothing-close-to-violence-against-people

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